About Me

Wandering and wondering my way through this incredible thing called life.

Greetings! I’m Kelli Wagner, or kelliwags, and I’m a traveling nurse who recently became somewhat of a free-lance volunteer. I’ll explore many topics here, some related to nursing, some not so much.

My interests are about as scattered as the places I’ve lived. Just so we know what we’ve getting into here, I’ll briefly mention a few, and will cover them in an arbitrary order of my choosing. Some inspire me, some challenge me, other excite me, and a few scare me.

  • travel nursing
  • international travel- mostly of the backpacker type
  • national travel- mostly of the camping type
  • philosophical musings
  • books; if you don’t like books, maybe exit west. (It’s a ((mediocre)) book joke. And just to be clear, I mean that both the book, and my joke, were mediocre. See, I told you…lots about books.)
  • people who are inspirational or have had a large effect on my life
  • quarter life crises (I’m banking on living ’til 100. Plus, third life crises just doesn’t sound as catchy.)
  • reflections on my early 20s, like choosing a career, friends, and having the strength to be your best self
  • anecdotes about my nursing career
  • effective altriusm
  • the value of friends, family, and pets
  • podcasts, current events, meditation, environmentalism, and more