The Beauty of Bali

After touring through northern Vietnam, Michael and I visited Bali for just shy of a week. Unfortunately, Mount Agung, an active volcano in northern Bali, was predicted to erupt at any time, so the northern part of the island was out of the question. We found plenty to do on the southern end of the island.



We spent the days exploring via moped, visiting beaches, reading, surfing, and enjoying time together before Michael headed back home, and I to Cambodia for volunteer work.  Here I finished up a book called 50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus, written by Steven Pressman. It was wonderful, especially for anyone who, (like me) loves memoirs from the WWII era.

We traveled at a pretty fast pace throughout Vietnam, and stayed almost exclusively at budget, hostel-type accommodations. We decided to treat ourselves a bit and “splurged” on a villa that was around $20/night. Man, was it worth it. It had a beautiful infinity pool, lush vegetation, wildlife, and killer sunsets.



We tried to make a habit, (well, mostly me I think. Thanks to Michael for being easygoing) of watching the sunset at a different location each night. One afternoon we went to the Uluwatu temple that sits on a seaside cliff to watch the sunset.


The Balinese seemed to have some pretty lax regulations on construction projects. A short walk away from the above temple, (which was littered with tourists) we found a house that was being built on another cliff. It was largely unfinished, but after a quick walk up some not-yet-complete stairs, we were sitting in the open air with an unobstructed view of the sunset. With only a handful of other people around, we enjoyed the beers we’d picked up along the way and toasted to a beautiful sunset.


The next day, our last on the island, we went to Green Bowl Beach. It had a large cave, complete with bats and Buddhist shrines. Michael was a little put off by the crowd of people at the beach, so he promptly recommended we walk/wade to a more remote strand of the beach. I was a little nervous, as we both had our Kindles and phones with us, in addition to my camera. I thought the chance of us slipping on rocks and submerging the backpack was a little high, but I trusted Michael’s athletic ability and we made it to the beach with dry electronics.


After about ten minutes of relishing in our private paradise, we noted that the tide seemed to be coming in. Whoopsie. We had to head right back to where we came from, otherwise we (Michael) would have had to swim the whole way back holding the backpack overhead. He probably could have done it. But we didn’t take the chance.

After that, as it was our last night of the trip, and thus, the last time we’d see each other for several weeks, Michael treated me to an early birthday present. We ate some delicious Balinese food, then we to go see the Devdan show at Nusa Dua Theatre.

sporting our new, tailor made clothing from Hoi An, Vietnam 

The show featured traditional Balinese dancing and music, which was a great way to experience the local culture.

I definitely hope to return to Bali one day. I only saw a fraction of the island, but what I did see left me wanting more. That’s the paradox of traveling. The more places you see, the more places you want to see.

Until next time friends,


One thought on “The Beauty of Bali

  1. You two are SO adorable !!
    Your pictures look like heaven 😇
    So glad you had the time together.
    What a memorable adventure 💗
    Love & Hugs…..✌


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